Cocktail Courier - Snowball Spritz

Size: Just the Mix (Serves 4-8)


When celebrating something special, don't find yourself with just any old glass of sparkling wine, find yourself with a glass that truly sparkles! Featuring a custom pomegranate Art of Sucre Glitter bomb, this swirling glass will have you shining all evening long. With additional flavors of pistachio, lime, and cardamom, the Snowball Spritz will have you wondering why you ever settled for a simple glass of wine. 

In Your Mix Kit

  • 1 Pistachio Syrup 4 oz bottle
  • 2 Limes
  • 1 Cardamom Bitters 0.50 oz bottle
  • 6 Art Of Sucre Pomegranate Glitter Bombs
  • 1 Snowball Spritz Recipe Card

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