Public Goods - Travel Set



Included Items:

Travel Body Wash 3 fl oz: A gentle formula, powered by a blend of essential oils that refreshes, cleanses and nourishes your body without drying or distressing the skin.

Travel Conditioner 3 fl oz: Formulated to deeply hydrate and protect hair from environmental damage using all natural ingredients and a carefully selected blend of essential oils.

Travel Lotion 3 fl oz: Lightly scented with an invigorating blend of eucalyptus, mint, and citrus essential oils.

Travel Moisturizer 3 fl oz: Convenient for those on-the-go. It hydrates, balances and protects your skin with a mild yet effective formula.

Travel Shampoo 3 fl oz: Powered by a blend of essential oils that nourishes and cleanses your hair.

Travel Shaving Cream 3 fl oz: This shaving cream lubricates and moisturizes your face and body with a rich, smooth lather while keeping you cool and refreshed with a subtle sandalwood scent.

Travel Toothpaste 3 oz: Supremely tasty and travel size peppermint toothpaste effectively cleans and refreshes your teeth and gums.

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