Public Goods - Household Essentials #2



Included Items:

Glass Cleaner 24 fl oz: Get a bright, streak-free shine on any glass surface, with our safe and natural, plant-based glass cleaner.

Glass Cleaner Refill 1 oz: Get the same bright, streak-free shine provided by our natural, plant-based glass cleaner with our refill concentrate.

Mandarin Basil Dish Soap 16 fl oz: Our dish soap is a powerful, plant-based way to break up grease, grime, and stubborn baked-on food.

Hand Soap 12 fl oz: Our gentle liquid hand soap is powered by a blend of essential oils that are hard working on dirt but gentle on your skin.

Walnut Scrubber Sponge 4ct: Our walnut scrubber sponge is an eco-friendly upgrade from traditional sponges. Designed to tackle the toughest jobs on dishes, counter-tops, and anywhere else in your home, it's hypoallergenic and made of natural vegetable cellulose.

Tree Free Paper Towels 2ct: Made from fast -growing non-GMO grasses like bamboo and sugarcane instead of hardwoods, our paper towels are not only sustainable, but also ultra absorbent and soft on skin.

Black Currant Candle 7 oz: Tart fruit and fresh florals give our Black Currant candles their dark berry and earthy edge. The acacia wood lid makes these candles 100% plastic-free and upcycle ready.

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