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Crafty in a Box is Crafty's shipping capability that allows us to deliver the same in-office snack and beverage experience to remote employees & small offices across the continental US.

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That's It - Apple + Mango Fruit Bar
IQ BAR - Almond Butter Chip
C2O - Pure Coconut Water
Aspire - Apple + Acai
Jonesbar - PB & J
ALO - Allure, Mango & Mangosteen
Red Bull - Red Bull Sugarfree
IQ BAR - Matcha Chai
Red Bull - Red Bull Energy Drink
Rise - Nitro Cold Brew, Oat Milk Mocha
Coco5 - Passion Fruit
Yes Bar - Dark Chocolate Chip
Yes Bar - Apple Cinnamon Crisp
Hint - Pineapple Hint Water
Full of Chips - Barebque Kettle Chips
Aspire - Mango Lemonade
Celsius - Sparkling Orange
LaCroix - Mango
LaCroix - Lemon

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At Home Essentials

Still working from home? We put together a thoughtful collection of helpful items to make remote work better!

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Crafty Crates

Trying to deliver a great snack experience to your employees? Look no further.

Crates are a great solution for offices of all sizes and come with different combinations of snacks and beverages.

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Rishi Sparkling Botanicals

Sparkling Botanicals combines herbology and culinary arts with rare plants sourced directly from artisan growers across the earth. Made with real plants for real virtue.

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IQBARs are protein bars formulated with clean-label ingredients rich in compounds shown to benefit the brain and body. Each bar contains 6 brain nutrients, 12g plant protein, 3g net carbs, and 1-2g sugar. IQBARs are keto, paleo friendly, vegan, kosher, and free from GMOs, gluten, dairy, soy, and sugar alcohols.

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Rise Cold Brew

RISE Brewing Co. makes all organic nitro cold brew coffee, lattes, tea and oat milk. RISE's mission is to make the best tasting beverages using the highest quality ingredients.

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